Selecting Stone Counter Tops

What To Consider When Selecting Stone Counter Tops

When it comes to selecting stone counter tops there are a number of things to consider. Durability, stone characteristics, and price are a few examples of factors that homeowners consider when selecting a counter top made of stone. In this post we will take a brief look at five factors to consider when choosing a natural stone material to adorn your kitchen surfaces.

Why Natural Stone Is A Good Choice

Selecting Stone Countertops

The use of natural stone is well established. It has been used for a number of purposes including:

  • Roads
  • Buildings
  • Sculptures
  • Work Surfaces
  • Tools

Why has natural stone been the choice for so many different types of construction projects? Many people would agree that a primary reason is its enduring beauty and strength. Additionally, natural stone is a versatile material that can form the basis for projects in both indoor and outdoor environments. When considering which stone material to choose for your counter top, there are some fundamental factors to ponder. Let’s briefly discuss four.

What Kind Of Stone?

Start by visiting stone suppliers and slab yards. Get an idea of what stone type you are partial to. Looking at various stone types will give you some insight into what kinds of stone might be preferable for your project. While visiting stone suppliers do not be afraid to ask questions about slabs you like. No matter which stone material you are thinking of choosing for your new counter top surface you will need to know specifics about the material. Getting as much information as possible from the supplier can give you a head start on your research. For example, how much of the material will you need? Is the stone you like readily available? Armed with the basics, you can then research the material’s strengths and weaknesses to determine whether it is a good choice for your project.

To What Is The Stone Susceptible?

An important factor to ponder when selecting stone counter tops is the stone’s susceptibilities. Determining what the stone can handle in the way of wear and tear will be important. How hard is the stone you are drawn to? Is it resistant to scratching and chipping? Will it be used in an area that is primarily decorative or does it need to withstand heavy usage? Will the surface be exposed to household chemicals? What is the main use of the surface? Will it require sealing? These kinds of questions will help you to decide if your target material is a good fit for your intended use.

Available Finishing Options

What kinds of stone finishing options are available for the stone your are thinking of using? There are a number of finishes and cuts from which to choose. A specific stone cut or finish can give your stone slab a distinct look. For example, fabricators can give your marble a matte finish by using granite honing pads. If you decide on a specific finishing option, keep in mind that the finish will affect how the stone needs to be cared for and what kinds of resistance it will have.

Stone Care And Maintenance

It goes without saying that each type of natural stone will require specific care and maintenance. To keep your stone performing and looking its best, educate yourself on what kinds of maintenance programs you need to put into place for the stone you have chosen. Not all natural stone requires the same care.

As a general rule, natural stone benefits from using non-harsh cleaners. Using harsh chemicals on natural stone surfaces can reduce life span. Be sure and protect your selected stone surface by following the care and maintenance guidelines recommended for the type of stone that you select.

Overall, selecting stone counter tops is not complicated when you know what kinds of things to consider during the design, fabrication and installation processes. By thinking about the points mentioned in this post as well as other points, you will choose the right stone for your surface. Additionally, it will last a long time and provide your family with numerous memories to enjoy.

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