Quartz And Quartzite Comparison

In the world of stone counter tops Quartz and Quartzite seem to be just about everywhere. The names are similar. However, there is much more to these materials than the characters in the name. As you will see in this video, the composition of these materials makes them different from one another in important ways. And even though they share some qualities, such as durability, differences are there as well. Some differences between Quartz and Quartzite include the following:


Quartz Quartzite
Engineered Material Natural Material
Consistent Pattern Unique or Varying Patterns
Thousands of Colors Dozens of Colors
No Sealing Needed Requires Sealing Periodically

Either of these stone counter top materials is a sufficient choice. Even though these materials differ in specific ways, they are both considered to be very durable and either choice will provide years of performance when cared for properly. Keeping the similarities in mind shows that there really is not a right or wrong choice; only different options. The similarities found in quartz and quartzite material can be summarized like this:


Quartz Quartzite
Man Made Heat & Pressure Natural Heat & Pressure
Durable, Hard & Non-porous Durable, Hard, & Somewhat Porous
Great Choice for Modern Kitchen Designs Excellent Option for Elegant, Classical Kitchens

As you can see, as far as the important aspects of these materials go, they both qualify as good options. Which means it really only comes down to one thing.

Choosing a Preferred Material

Your choice to go with either quartz or quartzite will primarily depend on your style preference. If you lean toward the modern, consistent appearance quartz could be a great choice. Selecting quartz and utilizing straight edges produces that kind of feel. On the other hand, choosing a quartzite with a decorative edge profile can exude a classic, decorative feel.

So, no matter what your taste or style preference is, there is a “quartzy” solution that you can choose.

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  1. Great comparison between these materials. It can be very difficult to sort out which stone is natural and which is engineered when they have such similar names. But that video explains the difference very well. Thanks.

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