Kitchen Renovation Savings

Kitchen Remodel Cost Savings

If you are considering a remodel or a renovation (this article explains the difference) and you are working on a tight budget it’s good to know what you will be up against. Practical ways to save money are important to virtually anyone engaging in these types of home improvement projects. Yet, the tighter the budget, the more closely expenses need to be managed and controlled. In this article we will briefly examine some basic ways to realize kitchen remodel cost savings when working on home improvement projects. Perhaps there is one that you find particularly beneficial.

Saving Money On Kitchen Fixtures

One kitchen remodel cost savings is fixture pricing. This one adds up quickly during a home improvement remodel or renovation.  Many fixtures are needed for remodel projects. When you consider the various hardware needed for a renovation or a remodel it is easy to see why this quickly becomes a sizeable addition to the bottom line. In fact, when you factor in appliances, sinks, cabinet hardware, lighting, and even the faucets needed for a job, the cost of these can easily grow into the thousands. So how can you save money in this area?

Reducing the Cost of Fixtures

There are a number of channels through which the items spoken of in the last paragraph can be obtained at a lower cost. Finding and selecting one that you prefer is fairly easy if you know where to look. One example is that of online marketplaces. True, many people might think to to go to Wayfair or Amazon for these items, but there are others. For example, let’s say you are seeking a nice, kitchen faucet to use in your project and you are somewhat flexible on the model. One source for certified refurbished fixtures is eBay. Just browsing through the site and doing some searches using the site’s tool allows you find sellers of certified refurbished kitchen sink faucets offered at up to 70% off the regular price at the time of this writing. This is just one example, using this technique, you could find much of the hardware needed for the reno or remodel.

Materials and Reducing Costs

In addition to the lower prices that are available on fixtures, look into searching out available material outlets. Materials are available on a budget even though prices are rising.  So, keep your eyes open for deals. Be aware of options and patiently seek the perfect materials. You’ll find deals on flooring, surfaces, or wall coverings if you look regularly. Furthermore, this is one way to snag that great deal that reduces your overall expense. Leaving your information with sales professionals at showrooms, watching ads for clearance events, and even looking in locally owned distributors of the materials your looking for will often times prove beneficial. So don’t rule this one out.

Save On Labor Costs

The last method for reducing costs on your remodel or renovation that we will discuss in this article is one from which you may tend to shy away. However, it can be helpful to consider. What is it? Doing some of the work yourself. Now if you are saying to yourself, “I am not skilled at renovations”, that’s okay. Everyone is going have differing knowledge, skills, and tools. So one person may be able to do more than another. However, everyone can do something. For example, adding hardware to cabinetry really doesn’t require a lot of tools. The knowledge is not complicated to obtain. A simple search for how to add hardware to cabinets produces millions of results and some of those are videos. Finally, just about anyone can paint and the tools for this type of work are available virtually everywhere. Being willing to do at least some of the work yourself could mean a nice savings on the project.

In conclusion, we have covered some of the basic ways to realize a cost savings on kitchen remodels and renovations. Taking advantage of one or more of these will no doubt require a bit of effort and research on your part. But if you take the time and put in the work, you can make a dent in the expenses for your project. Happy renovating!

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