Benefits and Advantages of Stone Counter Tops

When it comes to your home, having an attractive kitchen is likely at the top of your list. Like many other people, you are probably wondering about the advantages of stone counter tops in relation to the other choices you have. Once you understand the benefits associated with stone, you should be able to decide for yourself if stone or a different material will work for your needs.

When remodeling your kitchen, replacing the counter tops is an important aspect of the job. The counters are a dedicated workspace that serves as chopping blocks, prep areas and more. Plan to invest about ten percent of your budget for the materials and installation of your new counter tops.

You can find granite counters in a variety of colors and marbling patterns. Actual marble and soapstone are also choices for the natural stone look. Fabricated products have been designed that simulate the appearance but not the functionality associated with stone.

Aesthetically Pleasing & Versatile

Because the aesthetic value is one of the benefits, this can suffice for some. However, genuine stone provides much more. The gorgeous appearance is just the start.

Stove in Granite Counter

When you walk into a kitchen with stone counters, the material immediately grabs your eye. And the same will happen with guests that come to your home. Stone looks fabulous in a state-of-the-art designed kitchen or a small, rustic nook in a cabin.

Stone counter tops provide a powerful personal statement and you can use it for coordinating other aspects of the decor. For instance, you can use the same material for the backsplash and possibly even all or part of the floor.

Long Life Provides Savings

Unlike synthetic substitutes, a properly installed stone counter can easily last the life of the home. Additionally, you save significantly over the years if you treat the material for protection from potential damage.

In fact, that savings is compounded by the added value that the stone material brings to your home. It is a great additional draw for potential home buyers. They will appreciate the quality choice and assume that you have made equally desirable choices elsewhere for your home.

Timeless Style and Appeal

Since the stone rarely needs replacement, the next bonus is the fact that it coordinates with any color scheme. So, whatever comes into style next year or the one after, your stone counters will look fantastic with it.

In fact, that is one of the reasons that many homeowners choose to install stone counter tops. Accent pieces can be used in trendy colors to brighten the kitchen while traditional neutrals fill in the majority.

Those who are interested in maintaining home ownership will appreciate the beauty and functionality of new stone counter tops. On the other hand, folks preparing to sell will see a greater interest and return on their investment when making this decision. Either way, you can follow in their footsteps and take advantage of this attractive and everlasting material for your kitchen counters. You will find them well worth the investment!

8 thoughts on “Benefits and Advantages of Stone Counter Tops

  1. It’s good to know that the long life of a stone countertop can benefit you financially since it can last the life of the home, as you said. I think that these countertops also are much easier to clean and maintain. That way, they can help your kitchen experience be more convenient and effective since so much cleaning takes place in that room.

    1. Bernard Clyde,
      Thanks for your comment. You are right, some kinds of stone are extremely easy to maintain. Of course, each material has its own recommended care program. However, there are some stone types that require little specialized treatments.

  2. It was really amazing how you said that since stone countertops very seldom require replacement, one benefits that it has was that it can match with almost any type of designs, color, or schemes. I guess my sister’s idea of having the laminate countertop replaced with a stone countertop was a good idea. I was against the plan at first because I am very well aware that stone, especially granite can be quite costly. But if it can promise style and durability, then I’m in. Thanks.

    1. Julius Wither Amberfield, Thank you for your thoughts on the post. Stone counters can last many years. In fact, depending on which kinds of stone surfaces one chooses, they can last longer than other aspects of a kitchen. For example, a granite countertop or quartzite surface is very hard and durable. They do have differences. But, they are both very hard materials that can endure many everyday uses. Laminates on the other hand, are susceptible to things that simply are not a problem for natural stone. Namely, peeling and melting.

  3. It was great to know that because natural stone countertops were made to last a lifetime, that also means that regardless of the color scheme and the design chosen for the home, we can expect that it will match perfectly. I guess that was the reason why mom is trying to convince me to settle for a quartz countertop for the next kitchen remodeling. I know that natural stones are expensive, but if it will last a lifetime and match every kind of home design, then I will give it a try. Thanks!

    1. Tammy, thanks for your comment. Anyone considering a remodel is sure to get a lot of feedback and input from friends and family. Many people like the look of stone. Since there are so many kinds of stone out there, and so much help from friends and family, it is a good idea to do a little research on the specific differences between various stones. For example, granite and marble are both natural stones, but caring for each requires different approaches. Another angle that can be taken when researching stone types is looking into stones that have similar names. One example of this is quartz and quartzite. These stones have similar names but are very different. We have a post that features a comparison of the two right here on the site. The Post is called Quartz and Quartzite Counter Top Characteristics Compared. So even though family and friends will undoubtedly try to choose for you, in the end, the home owner is the one that often times has to live with the decision.

  4. I appreciate how you said that granite countertops are beneficial because they come in a variety of patterns and colors. My husband and I are looking to remodel our kitchen to give it a more modern, sleek feel. We’ll have to find a granite countertop installation contractor that can help us get just the right darker color and style for our kitchen so we can feel right at home. Thank you!

    1. You are right Olivia. The contractor is definitely a big part of a smooth project. You are very wise to give a lot of thought to whom you choose. Especially if you want to be selective with regard to you color choice. Because of the vast selection of natural stone that is available, it could take some time for you to find just the right stone slab. Yet, this kind of investment is one that you probably do not want to rush.

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